[Video] Evaluating quality instead of quantity in science: the Better Science experience – Prof. Heike Mayer

🗣 Prof. Heike Mayer holds a professorial position in Economic Geography at the University of Bern. She is also an initiator of Better Science movement.

👉 Learn more about the Better Science initiative: 🌍 https://betterscience.ch/#/

🔊 Abstract: The speaker presents the Better Science (Academic cultures in the 21st century) initiative in the academic sector. This movement aims to switch from ‘quantity and speed’ to ‘more sustainability, diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities‘ in research, teaching and administration.

🎤 The convener introducing this talk is Chloé Bouscary from University of Lausanne.

📅 This talk is part of a GEODES workshop “Gender Diversity and Equality Workshop”. It was hosted at Swiss Geoscience Meeting (SGM) 2021, on 19th Nov. 2021, online. The workshop aimed to raise awareness of the benefits that gender diversity, equality and inclusion bring for scientific advancement and research culture. It addressed the challenges and opportunities for the retention of women in science and academia.

🌈 Geosciences Diversity and Equality Switzerland (GEODES) is a committee of swiss geoscientists who supports and promotes initiatives to foster gender equality, diversity and inclusion in Swiss Geosciences.

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