SGM 2020 – Gender Diversity and Equality workshop

Whilst all areas of academia and institutional research have faced challenges in moving the needle on gender inclusion and diversity, it is notable that the STEM sector and natural sciences more generally have been subject to particularly stubborn historical gender stereotypes. […]

The analysis of the 17 years-dataset of the SGM reveals a positive trend towards a better gender balance since 2003. Nevertheless, data also show that strong disparity between men and women still exists in the advanced career positions and in the representation in prominent roles in public events (e.g. plenary speakers) […]

This talk briefly examines dimensions of discrimination, and evidence of implicit bias against ‘others’ in all of us. Then, discusses how such biases lead to internalized self discrimination (also known as the impostor syndrome) and its crippling effects.

The Fix the Leaky Pipeline programme addresses female doctoral students, postdocs and other female scientists in the ETH Domain (ETH, EPFL, PSI, WSL, Empa, Eawag). It offers coaching in groups, courses on career-relevant topics, networking events, mentoring (one-to-one and peer mentoring) and individual career advice sessions. […]

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